Course open.

As my Captaincy runs into its final stretch, and my long awaited foot operation has finally been completed, I have been looking back over the fun I have had in the last two years. There are many members I would like to thank for helping me with events through that period and, as you might guess, I will mention all of them in my end of term report. I just hope that you have all enjoyed our antics throughout this year and can assure you Mandy and I still have a few more up our sleeves before we are done. 

There have been several changes to our club over the past year, with the introduction of new faces
in the clubhouse team and, of course, to our green staff.  Without exception all of these people have made a positive impact on the club and contributed to the praise we have been regularly getting from visitors about the quaIity of experience we are now providing. 

Shortly you will have a new Captain taking the reins, David Raymond. David has worked tirelessly with me this past year, and has been very supportive, obviously learning how not to do the job. He will make a great captain and I hope you will all be much nicer to him than you have to me!!


I would like to add my personal congratulations to Mike Bush, for winning the Bishops Bowl for a second time, and also to Bob Florence and his Perman Shield team. After a great result in the semi-final over old rivals  Sundridge Park, the team succumbed to Mid-Kent in the final at Dartford. Those of you that know Dartford will know that it would have suited Mid Kent's players more than ours, and I think it's fair to say that our boys have probably been spoilt by putting on our lovely greens all summer! 


On a serious note, we have been aware of some suspect people hanging around the course over the past few weeks who shouldn't be there. Soon after they were first spotted, Cobham Hall was broken into, with some machinery being stolen. Please be extra vigilant and if you see anyone that looks out of place, take note of their registration number and report it to the office. We have some expensive machinery on site, and most you have some very valuable golf clubs.

On a light hearted note, as I was travelling around the course I was told that my buddy Terry Watts had picked up a deer trap hidden on the course, by the 10th fairway. So, I raced over to collect it. I have to say, when I saw it I thought we either have very small deer on the course or giant moles! Bless him, it was a mole trap. Note to members, if you see any of these deer, oops, mole traps please leave them where they are, but warn small people of their location.

Captain/Pro Challenge Matches

Warren and I have now completed our Captain/Pro challenges with only two defeats, and this was mainly due to us going out injured (well, me, that is). It has been great fun to play with Warren and see how the game should be played, but I think he was in awe of my putting stroke. Apologies to those pairings we couldn't get to play with, either due to weather or my hospital visit.

Although I've been forbidden to play golf for three months now, I'm afraid you'll still see me around the club, so look out for The Mad Hatter's buggy ploughing down the fairway at you.

I hope you have all had a great golfing season this past year, and look forward to seeing all you winners at the prize giving.

Kee-eep talking !