Course open

The 200 Club’s aim is to generate extra funds for improvements to the course, clubhouse and facilities; for example the flat screen TV’s in both bars.

Benefits for joining the 200 club include:-

  • A quarterly draw, with £100, two £50 and four £25 cash prizes available
  • A small engraved trophy to commemorate the Hole-in-One

The running of the club has recently been taken over by Darren Yearley along with the assistance of Gary Atkins; the aim is to promote the 200 Club to a wider audience within the Golf Club and to hopefully provide even more benefits to our members.

The 200 Club will now be run as a cashless system, only standing orders or cheques for £12 will be accepted as payment and any prizes etc will be made by countersigned cheques. This is so that an audit trail of funds can be kept and reviewed.

If you would like to join the 200 Club, standing order forms are available from behind the clubhouse bar or in the office; they are also available to download from the pdf attachment "200 club Mandate".

If you would like any more information, please contact Darren or Gary using the phone numbers provided in the R&CP member’s handbook or email.

To email Darren click here

For Gary click here