Course is Open, No Buggies, Carry Bags Only.4th Hole is Closed. (updated 20 February at 06:02)
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The theme for this year’s annual ‘needle’ match between the Lady Captain’s team and Hon Secretary’s team was the Ryder Cup.  All allegiance to the European Team last month was forgotten by this 'Team USA'. 

The teams set out on a very foggy, wintery morning, dressed appropriately for their teams in red, white and blue or royal blue with yellow stars and flags attached.  However towards the end of the front 9 the sun came out and it felt like summer had returned.

To add to the fun of the day, the teams were given the opportunity to have one free throw out of the rough and one out of a bunker on each nine.  The realisation that throwing the golf ball was probably less effective than using the right club took a while to sink in!

The result was a win for the USA, whose putts were 'in the hole' with a few less shots than Team Europe.  Jim Furyk would have been proud to have witnessed the team spirit

Ryder Cup teams celebrate

A perfect lunch of fish cakes, chips and salad was much enjoyed and the usual hard luck stories became more and more embellished as the wine and chocolates were consumed.