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Golfer celebrating

The subscriptions sweepstake is back.

The same rules as last year apply: open to current members only,  you can have as many goes as you like to win your subscriptions for 2019/20. Numbers will cost £10 each, or six for £50. The first prize will be the full amount of your subscriptions for your present playing category.

If we raise enough money to cover it, then two additional prizes of 50% of next year's subs will be added to the sweepstake.

Numbers are on sale NOW, with the draw planned for around mid-day on Christmas Eve, so make sure you get in fast to grab your lucky numbers.

Terms and conditions:

  1. The lottery is only available to existing members at the date of the draw.
  2. Entries will cost £10 per entry or 6 for £50.
  3. The winner will receive free membership for year 2019/20 for the category in which they are an existing member.
  4. There is no cash alternative.
  5. The prize cannot be added to the club card or used in the pro shop.
  6. The prize is not transferable to any other member.
  7. A member can buy as many entries as they like, however that member can only receive one prize.
  8. If insufficient funds are raised to cover the full annual subscription for the first prize, the winner will receive 90% of the funds raised and this will be deducted from the winner’s annual subscription.  In this event there would not be any other prizes awarded.
  9. If sufficient funds are raised then there will be a second and third prize. The second prize would be 50% off next year’s subscription; then if we raise enough for a third place draw that would also be for 50% off next year’s subscription.
  10. In the event we raise enough for a second prize but not enough to cover the entire prize then the winner of the second prize would get 90% of the available funds for that prize but there would be no third prize.
  11. If there is enough raised to cover the first and second prizes but insufficient to fully cover the third prize the third prize would receive 90% of the available funds. 
  12. In all cases these prizes will be deducted from the annual subscription